Close your eyes, imagine the dunes, the heat, the wind, the silence, and the star filled sky. Share time with yourself, friends, and your local guide in an authentic Moroccan lifestyle that allows you experience the desert in a traditional style and always in harmony with nature. Discover the traditions, the music, the food, and the culture of the local Berber people. It is a tourism that is designed to meet your individual needs and it supports the local people.

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Your guide Hamid

Hamid is a descendant of the nomads, born at the doors of the desert and trained in the tourism trade for 10 years. His family moved to Tagounite when Hamid was a child where his mother raised his brother and 2 sisters. Hamid dropped out of school in grade 5 to work in the desert, helping to support his siblings with their schooling. He has been guiding desert tours for over 10 years. His friendly mannerism and light hearted personality will make youre time in Morocco memorable.

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